The Whittle Scholars Program

The Whittle Scholars Program

The Whittle Scholars Program
The Whittle Scholars Program is our most selective scholarship for exceptional, high-achieving students entering grades 6 through 11. Whittle Scholars will have specific, clearly defined (“pointy”) academic and/or extracurricular talents that have been recognized far beyond the walls of their schools and their immediate communities. These students represent the very top of the applicant pool.
Up to 10 Whittle Scholars will receive scholarships that cover 50% of tuition, renewable annually provided the recipient remains in good academic and disciplinary standing. Whittle Scholars will also receive a one-time $2,000 Innovation Grant to be used for an in-depth research and/or creative project.

What is the criteria for selecting a Whittle Scholar?
All Whittle Scholars demonstrate unusual and remarkable achievement within and often beyond their current school settings. Characteristics of those selected reflect most, and often all, of the following:

  • Unusually high caliber of academic achievement
  • Significant community, regional, or national impact for their activities and/or achievement
  • High level of understanding and appreciation for global and multicultural topics, issues, and challenges
  • Genuine fit for a Whittle education as demonstrated by intellectual curiosity for cultural and/or language studies

The student recipients also embody highly valued personal characteristics, including kindness, the ability to lead and navigate in complex situations, to empower others, and the ability to bring about productive change.

Is there an additional step required for the Whittle Scholars when applying for admission?
Students wishing to be considered for the Whittle Scholars Program should submit their application for admission and consideration by the deadline and are strongly encouraged to complete the “Share Your World” supplement of our application.

How are the finalists evaluated?
An executive committee comprised of our leadership will review finalists and select Whittle Scholars.

When are Whittle Scholars notified?
Whittle Scholars will receive notification at the time of admission acceptance.