Renzo Piano

Global Advisory Board

Renzo Piano is a world-renowned architect and the Chairman and Founding Partner of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and he is designing all Whittle School & Studios campuses.

Renzo was born in Genoa, Italy, into a family of builders, and studied at the Politecnico of Milan University. He went on to work for and with prestigious architects, including Franco Albini, Richard Rogers, and Peter Rice. In 1981, the Renzo Piano Building Workshop was established, with 150 staff and with offices in Paris, Genoa, and New York. Renzo has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Royal Gold Medal at the R.I.B.A. in London; the Kyoto Prize in Kyoto, Japan; the Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO; and the Pritzker Architecture Prize at the White House in Washington. Amongst his many accomplishments are the Whitney Museum in New York, Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan, and the Shard in London. In 2004, Renzo founded the Renzo Piano Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of the architectural profession through educational programs and educational activities.