Melina Uncapher

Educational Advisory Board

Melina is a neuroscientist with 15 years of experience at the forefront of learning and memory research. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of California San Francisco and Director of the Education Program at Neuroscape, which uses educational neuroscience to investigate how students learn in the classroom. She partners with educators throughout the country to design, implement, and assess education innovations that are grounded in the science of learning.

Melina also leads a multi-university Science of Learning network, funded by National Science Foundation. This research program partners faculty at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCSF to investigate how executive function/cognitive control contributes to academic achievement in middle childhood. Additionally, Melina co-founded and is CEO of a science-for-good nonprofit, the Institute for Applied Neuroscience, that arms educators and students with practical tools based on the science of learning.