Jules L. Coleman

Senior academic adviser and director of research, N.Y.C. HQ
Global Education Design Committee
Global Leadership

A Brooklyn native, Jules Coleman earned a B.A., magna cum laude, at Brooklyn College of CUNY, a Ph.D. from the Rockefeller University, and a graduate degree in law from the Yale Law School. The author of a dozen books and more than 100 articles and peer-reviewed essays, Jules spent nearly 30 years as the Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld Professor of Jurisprudence and Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, and nearly 15 years as senior adviser to the president and provost at New York University, including five years as senior vice provost for academic planning at N.Y.U. Jules helped develop N.Y.U.’s global network of campuses and joined Whittle School & Studios to extend that idea to a system of PreK-12 schools.