Brian Lee

Admission Associate, Shenzhen Campus
Shenzhen Launch Team

Born in the U.S., Brian Lee has lived in eight countries and studied at 20 different schools in pursuit of a global education. After graduating from Phillips Exeter Academy, Brian earned a B.A. in psychology at Swarthmore College, where he served as an Admissions Fellow. He then completed an M.A. in China studies with highest honors from Zhejiang University. During the past several years in China, Brian worked with leading education organizations to guide local and international high school students on outdoor experiential learning trips. He conducted education field research in rural China under a Fulbright grant, and was named a 2014 Project Pengyou Leadership Fellow. Brian speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese, and joins Whittle to empower students of all backgrounds to access a rigorous and globally minded education.