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Spend your August on a journey of discovery learning about sports legends and culinary masterpieces. Students of all ages will investigate case studies using the vast resources in and around New York City. Each week features lessons delivered by disciplinary experts, an Expeditionary Day (X-Day) conducting research in the field, and culminates in a weekly project. Each week will be distinct from the previous, although students are encouraged to sign-up for contiguous weeks to build on their previous work and maximize opportunities for connecting the dots in our complex world.

What sets StudioSummer apart?

Curated, Interdisciplinary Curriculum - We believe in holistic development of mind and body together. Our curriculum offers the best of thoughtfully connected, interdisciplinary programming in Brooklyn and around New York City. Students will learn not just about sports, for example, but about how we can see the world differently through the diverse lenses of sports business, journalism, health and nutrition, and others. 

X-Days - Our students venture out of the classroom and put into practice their new knowledge in real-world applications through our Expeditionary Days, or X-Days.  


This summer, we are offering:


➤    Sports Management, ages 9-17

Dive into the multifaceted world of professional athletics with themes ranging from sports and technology, the business of sports, sports and health, to sports journalism. Each week, students will begin with a broad overview of how the two fields intersect and how they have changed historically. Students will then investigate case studies, which culminate at the end of each week with a hands-on, student-designed portfolio project.

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➤    New York City Art and Cuisine: a Parent Experience

Our StudioSummer @ Whittle Parent Experience explores New York City, America’s center of art and cuisine, through a uniquely Whittle lens. Discover the city’s vibrant collection of museums, galleries, restaurants, and eateries over four curated, week-long programs. Each week will explore a different theme central to our Whittle curriculum: Globalism, City as Classroom, Innovation, and Change.

Embark on expert-led tours of institutions like The Met, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, and Whitney Museum. Explore the city’s melting pot of cuisines and how a history of immigration shaped New York’s iconic restaurants. Get an insider’s peek into the innovative contemporary art world with exclusive tours of Chelsea neighborhood art galleries. Dine at mission-driven New York restaurants committed to changing the landscape of sustainably sourced food.

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