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The joy of global summer learning, from the comfort and safety of home.


Spend your summer on a journey of global discovery, without the risks of travelling. This year, StudioSummer is part of the Whittle GO! (Global Online) learning initiative. The Whittle GO program allows students across the world to learn and work on projects together. Now more than ever do we need dialogue between countries and cultures that brings us together, not pushes us apart.


What makes Whittle GO! different?

Curated, Interdisciplinary Curriculum - We believe in holistic development of mind and body together. Our curriculum offers the best of thoughtfully connected, interdisciplinary programming. Students will learn not just about one subject, but about how we view the world through the subject.

Globally oriented, Locally rooted. - The Whittle GO! program will be open to students enrolling from around the world. Participants will have the chance to collaborate with students from different cultures to solve common problems and build their own portfolio projects together.  


To learn more, please visit our Whittle GO! homepage here.


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