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StudioSummer at Whittle School & Studios is not your typical summer camp. Our core mission is to deliver a summer experience that is enriching to the whole mind and whole body. Our students will take intellectual risks, stretch their imaginations, discover both our local environment and global world, all under the guidance of a compassionate advisor and some of the best educators in Brooklyn. 

Every student at StudioSummer will have the chance to develop their interests on their own through exploration and discovery, and our program has been thoughtfully designed to offer this opportunity in a fun, enriching, and unforgettable way. 


What sets StudioSummer apart?


➤    A Dedicated Advisor

Each family will be assigned an advisor who will get to know their student’s intellectual, physical and emotional needs. This advisor will also serve as a liaison for parents, connecting the students and their families with the program closer than any other day camp.


➤    Immersive Language Tracks

Don’t just learn a language. Learn in a language. Our StudioSummer Language Immersion tracks use all five senses to fully engage children and thematic lessons to make learning fun and relatable. They will fall in love with the language and build critical neural tracks. 


➤    Reggio-Emilia Curriculum and Curated Offerings

We believe in holistic development of mind and body together. Our signature program, Crafted & Curated, offers the best of thoughtfully connected, interdisciplinary programming in Brooklyn. Children will love the hand-picked classes, getting their hands dirty with self-designed tactile projects and letting out energy in a daily sports class. 


➤    X-Days

Our students venture out of the classroom and put into practice their new knowledge in real-world applications through our Expeditionary Days, or X-Days.  


Our Program Offerings





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For Middle & High School students.



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