Whittle Studios

Whittle Studios

A modern school understands that learning extends beyond the typical school day. The Whittle Studios program takes place outside the boundaries of the school day: after regular classes, on weekends, and throughout the summer. This provides rich opportunities for our students to learn deeply and explore broadly.

Studio offerings are thoughtfully designed to integrate with our full-time program, enabling students to go deeper into an existing area of interest or to explore something new. Whittle Studios take a creative, multidisciplinary approach to learning, providing a multitude of on-campus and city-wide experiential learning opportunities.

Whittle School & Studios is the global school next door, providing students with world-class resources to explore their passions and discover new interests.


Whittle StudioCare is an extended-day program for students ages 3-13 (Pre-K 3 through Grade 8).  We have carefully designed the experience to serve as the home base for after-school activities, homework support, friendships, and after-school communication with families.  Students are able to play and interact with kids of different ages and choose activities based upon their interests.

Program Highlights

Morning Session 

  • Mind & Body Wellness (offerings vary by age group)
  • Opportunities for free play
  • Homework help
  • Smooth transition into the school day

Afternoon Session

  • Daily exercise and physical-skills building
  • Choice of activities guided to students’ interests
  • Individual project and homework support
  • Supervised pickup
  • Opportunity to participate in one or more additional enrichment offerings 
  • Nutritious snack


We offer a broad portfolio of Studios across five themes: STEM, Global Arts, Health & Wellness, Humanities, and Advisory, with Whittle Studios global curriculum options and carefully curated local partner opportunities. Our Enrichment Programs provide students (Pre-K 3 through Grade 12) with experiential learning opportunities in diverse areas that may include: Global Storytelling, Makerspace and Robotics, Science Explorations, Exercise for a Healthy Body and Mind, Dance and Performance, Global Arts, Wilderness Adventures, and Peace Games, along with a wide variety of sports options*. 

We will soon be announcing exciting global partnership opportunities with our Whittle Studios offerings that will deliver world-class and high-quality programming to our students and families.

*StudiosEnrichment offerings may differ among different campuses.

StudioSummer 2020 is coming soon to all three campuses!