The “one-size-fits-all” school model of the Industrial Era is insufficient in the Innovation Age.

Every individual has magnificent potential, so we have designed our educational model and our mastery-based assessment systems around cultivating each student’s unique talents and purpose.

The old world of schooling is built almost entirely on educating groups of children. It is a world of classes and grades, with groups of children proceeding through their course of study at the same pace.

We believe in student-driven, hands-on learning guided by talented educators, global experts, and an advisory system that addresses the specific needs and passions of each student. Whittle students are encouraged to explore the world—its challenges and its opportunities—to identify, and begin to hone, their distinct contributions.

Learning to work on a team and collaborate are skills that all our students need to acquire—and we will help them do so. But mass, lockstep instruction is something we frown upon, and we plan to do something about it. We are going to introduce a level of personalized education for students currently unavailable in top-tier schools around the world. Here are several aspects of our personalized school design:


The only way to personalize a school is to truly know each student. Caring, connected advisers will support our students at all stages of their development. They will guide students to create personal pathways to growth and help them navigate the opportunities within their local campus and the global network. Students will work closely with an adviser to guide their school, travel, and extracurricular activities and to plan for college and their careers.

Our students will be known well and receive thoughtful guidance in their growth and development to ensure academic success and personal growth. Our advisory model leverages our network-designed curriculum, global resources, and community partnerships as drivers for success. Supported by a sophisticated advising platform made up of a Learner Profile, Digital Portfolio, and Progress Tracker, students, advisers, teachers, and parents will shape learning journeys that begin the moment a student enters the school and continue all the way through to the college-application process and graduation.

Passion & Purpose

Students’ lives are changed for the better by pursuing in great depth something they love; achieving a level of excellence in anything introduces them to a number of lessons far beyond the subject matter itself. How to persevere when an obstacle appears, how to reach out to mentors for guidance, how to build relationships with people who share one’s passion, how to research something in depth, how to write and present what one is doing—all these traits come from work that extends far beyond the confines of the pursuit itself.

Our students are encouraged to pursue their passions—it could be playing a musical instrument, painting, writing, exploring a particular technology, or pursuing an entrepreneurial idea—and with the help of their advisers and teachers, they will develop good habits of self-organization, self-motivation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Data-Driven Accountability

If a school does not measure the progress of every child in multiple areas and in real time, then its mission statement is nothing more than pretty words. For objectives to mean anything, they must be relentlessly and reliably tracked. The file of a Whittle School & Studios student and the related teacher “dashboard” will be impressive—consistently updated and holistic.

The new school of thought says that assessment needs to be frequent, easy to implement, accessible in real time, paperless, and non-punitive so that it helps a student and teacher (and parents) see progress—or the lack thereof—and adapt their work and methods accordingly while there is still time to address crucial learning gaps.