A modern school understands that learning is not confined to the typical school day.

Each of our schools will have its own Center of Excellence (C.O.E.) in which students work with mentors (including Whittle parents) to explore an area of interest with unprecedented depth and focus. Modeled on research institutes at leading liberal arts colleges and universities, C.O.E.s will connect the Whittle learning community with the world beyond our classrooms. In state-of-the art C.O.E. labs located at the threshold of our campuses, students will work in cohorts guided by C.O.E. directors to develop their expertise in a particular area.

Our global network of C.O.E.s will develop students’ learning along STEM and humanities pathways and foster design, communication, and problem-solving skills. Our older students will travel abroad with peers to other Whittle campuses to work in C.O.E.s to develop global leadership and cultural competencies.

Personalized C.O.E portfolio projects will support the college application process. In the future, we expect our older students will obtain meaningful college credit for their advanced project-based work. Whittle is also developing strategic partnerships with think tanks, top liberal arts colleges, research universities, and cultural institutions to create valuable engagement opportunities for all of our students.

Our Plans for the Early Centers of Excellence

Our Plans for the Early CoE

Whittle Centers of Excellence Foster Eight Areas of Student Skill Development

  1. Global Leadership and Citizenship
  2. Independent Research aligned with Global Competence and Guided Research with Expert Mentors
  3. Advanced Portfolio Project Work, Archiving, and Publication
  4. Collaboration with Diverse Teams across our Global Network
  5. Advanced Design Thinking and Presentation Skills
  6. Social Responsibility and Community Outreach
  7. Digital Citizenship, Literacy, and Training in Cutting-Edge Technologies
  8. Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Communication Skills

C.O.E. themes of inquiry are selected to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Global Goals. Students will be guided by mentors around the world to develop portfolio projects that address some of the greatest challenges our planet faces.

C.O.E Program Model in D.C.

COE Program Model in DC


A modern school understands that learning is not confined to the typical school day. Whittle’s Studios program takes place beyond the boundaries of the school day—after regular classes, at night, on weekends, and in summer—and that’s an incredible opportunity for our students to learn deeply and explore widely.

Many Studios offerings will integrate with our full-time program, enabling students to go deeper into an area of interest—or to experiment with a new area of curiosity. Our combined Studios offerings, on-site and eventually online, will allow students to develop their presentation skills and interdisciplinary cross-training agility. Working closely with Whittle advisers, students will build online portfolios of projects that showcase their learning as they progress through each Studio pathway.

Our Studios take a creative approach to learning about the world. Students will build their knowledge in STEM and the humanities, and will benefit from the deep expertise of our Centers of Excellence. They will also offer intense language immersion in English and Mandarin for younger students and, for older students, the best foreign-language study and tutoring available anywhere.