Founding Whittle Scholars Program

Founding Whittle Scholars Program
Founding Whittle Scholars

Additional information on our signature scholarship program

What is the Founding Whittle Scholars program?

A highly selective scholars program for a group of exceptional, high achieving students in the middle and upper grade levels. Each Founding Whittle Scholar will be named for global advisory members who are among the world’s most celebrated inventors, designers, scientists, athletes, artists, political leaders and social advocates. We invite you to download our brochure to learn more.

How selective is the process for Founding Whittle Scholars?

Each year Whittle School & Studios will name a limited number of Founding Whittle Scholars who demonstrate exceptional talent. These students represent the very top of the applicant pool.

How many Founding Whittle Scholars will receive scholarship aid?

Up to ten of the Founding Whittle Scholars will receive a scholarship award to cover costs of attendance. Scholarships will cover the cost of 50%-100% of tuition at Whittle School & Studios, not including boarding.

Are there any other financial benefits that Founding Whittle Scholars will receive?

All Founding Whittle Scholars will receive a one-time $2,000 Innovation Grant to be used for an in-depth research and/or creative project.

What additional academic opportunities will Founding Whittle Scholars receive?

Whittle School & Studios will provide internship and/or research opportunities and a special invitation to attend or present at the 2019 Whittle Global Innovation Summit to meet global business and technology leaders.

What is the criteria for selecting a Founding Whittle Scholar?

All Founding Whittle Scholars demonstrate unusual and remarkable achievement within and often beyond their current school settings. Characteristics of those selected reflect most, and often all, of the following:

- Unusually high caliber of academic achievement

- Significant community, regional or national impact for their activities and/or achievements

- High level of understanding and appreciation for global and multicultural topics, issues and challenges

- Genuine fit for a Whittle education as demonstrated by intellectual curiosity for cultural and/or language studies

The student recipients also embody highly valued personal characteristics, including kindness, the ability to lead and navigate in complex situations, to empower others and the ability to bring about productive change.

Is an additional essay required for the Founding Whittle Scholars when applying for admission?

No. All applicants to Whittle School & Studios will receive automatic consideration with the materials submitted in their original applications.

When will your child learn if they are a Founding Whittle Scholar?

All of our Founding Whittle Scholars will receive notification at the time of acceptance and an invitation to a special event to meet their fellow scholars.

How are the finalists evaluated?

An executive committee comprised of senior leadership and advisory board members will review finalists and select the cohort of Founding Whittle Scholars.

Can students be considered for the program at any time during their enrollment?

Yes. Middle and upper school students who enroll at Whittle School & Studios and excel in our curriculum and demonstrate notable success can be nominated by an assigned campus-based nomination committee or staff members per scholarship policy.