Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
We want every student to learn to be a steward of the world during their time with us.
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Whittle School & Studios will be a gathering of good fortune. Every student will experience an education available to few, and all faculty members will be in an environment that supports their development. It is our responsibility to share our good fortune—and we will do so.

We are committed to preparing our children for a future where they will embrace opportunities and challenges. We believe that supporting our children to thrive in a complex, highly connected, increasingly diverse, and constantly changing world is perhaps one of the most fundamental obligations for any educational institution.

Though money is only one measure of our commitment, it is a significant indicator, and we will invest our resources accordingly. The social responsibility budget of most organizations is about 1 percent of their bottom line. Ours will be more than 15 times that: 5 to 7 percent of our top line to our social responsibility budget.

Our social responsibility programs fall into three main categories:

-Robust funding of innovative scholarship programs

-Sharing our best practices with school reform entities and with our host cities

-Cultivating a generosity of spirit in each Whittle School & Studios graduate

Financial Assistance and Scholarship Programs

At a typical Whittle campus, our need-based financial assistance program will provide aid to about 15 percent of our student population, supporting talented young people who demonstrate exceptional capability and promise. The children of faculty will also be eligible for our financial assistance program.

Our scholarship programs include the Whittle Scholars - our signature merit scholarship - designed to support students who demonstrate a record of academic excellence and leadership potential, and who have exceptional talents and abilities in an area of expertise. The program will nurture creativity and academic excellence and help recipients reach their full potential. Scholars will be selected through a rigorous application process, with support from our network of local and global partners. Recommendations by our students, staff, and faculty will be solicited and encouraged.

Whittle Global Education Summit

Our annual flagship event explores the world’s most pressing education challenges and provides a platform for sharing innovations that have the potential to improve access, quality, equality, and leadership excellence in global education. The summit, which will run concurrently with our annual global faculty week, will have two key imperatives: re-imagine and re-define.

The Re-Imagine Program addresses important issues concerning the intersection of education and other public and private sectors; the Re-Define Program focuses on establishing, institutionalizing, and measuring the best teaching and learning practices within Whittle School & Studios’ professional community. We will partner with educators, business leaders, governments, non-governmental organizations, multilateral institutions, innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and policymakers to inspire and create a new age of education.

Sharing Best Practices

Through our ongoing research and development, we will be pioneering and refining many educational techniques such as better language immersion programs, advanced faculty development systems, improved college advising efforts, and innovative facility design. We plan to share many of these advances with our colleagues in the world of education via three different methods: (a) school tours for the faculty and leadership of other public and private schools, (b) frequent conferences for educators, and (c) a special outreach part of our website where we publish written material for educators and produce related videos.

Student-Led Social-Responsibility Program

We will encourage and support students as they conceive, develop, and implement their own ideas to address and solve the sustainability challenges of their local community and the world at large. Students will receive financial, technical, and material support to help them design and implement their projects.