Whittle School & Studios Mission
Whittle School & Studios Mission

Our hopes are high, and by them we are bound together.

We are creating an extraordinary and unique school. Whittle School & Studios is the first truly global and modern institution serving children from ages 3 to 18. We not only want to improve our students’ lives, but we also hope to contribute to the cause of education on every continent. 

We measure our success not through the narrowness of exclusivity but through the breadth of our impact. Pioneers in education who have come before us have taught us that a modern school knows that the way students learn will outlast what they learn. We understand that the social and emotional development of every child is different, and we work with students to help them blossom and grow at their own pacewe don’t force kids into lock-step and one-size-fits-all education. 

We believe that learning happens everywhere and all the time. That’s why we see an ingenious facility as an on-going lesson in design, that the digital age can be used to help students learn beyond the four walls of the classroom, and that school schedules and calendars need to be reconceptualized. 

Our graduates will stand out. Grounded by rigor and knowledge, they will be undaunted, creative and bold, ready to lead or help in the wholly transformed and challenging world of their future. Each will shine in at least one passionate, purposeful pursuit in which they will achieve excellence, and as a result, lifelong confidence. All students will speak other languages and study in other cultures, yet remain deeply connected to their homelands.

Our faculty will be learners too, side by side with our students. We’ll choose those that want to guide children, and have demonstrated distinction in their academic discipline. They’ll choose us because our global scale brings them unequaled opportunities for professional development, and our rewards for them are more commensurate with the great good education brings to society.

We thank those who have generously supported us, and we look forward to sharing our work with all who aspire to reimagine education.