The Ideal Whittle School & Studios Candidate

The Ideal Whittle School & Studios Candidate

We believe in the power of education as a transformative force. This philosophy and our mission to make Whittle School & Studios a beacon for modern schooling requires passionate and innovative educators who believe that every child has the ability to change the world.

Whittle School & Studios values innovation, risk-taking, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for candidates who:

  • Are team contributors
  • Possess an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset
  • Are continuous and self-reflective learners
  • Have education and content expertise

Team members will join a collaborative, professional learning community with opportunities to grow, learn, explore, and collaborate.

We review candidates based on their approaches and experience in the following four program areas:

1. Core Curriculum: Our Interdisciplinary and Experiential Approach. 
The four core foundations of our approach to teaching and learning are: Deep Skill and Content Mastery; Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning; Experiential Learning; and Student Choice and Voice.

2. Global Perspectives: Mastering Tools to Tackle the World’s Challenges. 
Our goal is to encourage students to contribute to their school and larger community, and to prepare them to solve global challenges. Programs include global exchanges, language immersion, and learning beyond the classroom in our City Core program.

3. Personalized Pathways: Student-led Learning Guided by Caring Advisors. 
Every student has magnificent potential and we have designed our educational model around cultivating each student’s unique talents and purpose.

4. Beyond the Core: Explore Passions and Discover Interests.
Our educational program offers a spectrum of full-time and part-time opportunities --including those in our two signature programs, Centers of Excellence and Studios-- where the classroom, virtual world, and supplemental learning come together.