Our Team

Whittle School & Studios seeks to modernize education by building the world’s best physical and connected environment for learning and development. We are constructing more than 30 schools in the world’s most vibrant cities over the next 10 years, designed by architect Renzo Piano and led by education entrepreneur Chris Whittle. Our team is comprised of educators, architects, artists, technologists, and experts in law, real estate, recruitment, human development, and more.

Whittle instructors guide students down personalized, exploratory pathways in a learning environment that is student centered and connected to the world. They are masters of their content areas, and are committed to the growth of every student. Whittle educators collaborate across classrooms, disciplines, campuses, and cities, creating an intellectual network that drives learning across our campuses and Studios all over the world.

As part of our commitment to provide unique career opportunities to grow, learn, explore, and collaborate, we offer the following:

  • A comprehensive onboarding process designed to prepare new faculty and Studios instructors intellectually, emotionally, and logistically.
  • Professional learning workshops and communities that focus on pedagogical needs and opportunities for growth.
  • Horizontal movement across our global network to deepen expertise and build global perspective and skills.
  • Leadership by contributing to the Whittle community and helping to build, grow, and improve systems and teams within one’s local campus, Studios site, or another campus or Studios site.
  • A work environment where creativity and innovative ideas are encouraged and embraced.
  • A professional learning community with some of the best and most passionate faculty and ancillary Studios instructors in the world.
  • A career matrix that allows multiple opportunities for professional growth while remaining at the heart of teaching and learning.
  • A schedule that allows for ample time to get to know each student deeply, coupled with the best tools for tracking student progress.
  • Access to the most current educational technology and resources to implement innovative, project-based, digital, and virtual lessons.
  • Compensation and benefits that support healthy, fulfilling, and long-term professional growth in our organization.