Whittle School & Studios Conversations on the Future of Education Series


Over the past year, Chris Riback and I have engaged in a series of stimulating conversations with leading educators from around the world on the current status and future challenges of education.  Our conversations have been memorialized in a series of podcasts that are now being made available through Whittle School & Studios.  I invite you to join us in the first of these conversations with Professor Edward Bilous of the Julliard School of Music.  Ed is a nationally prominent composer, artistic director, and Founding Director of the Center for Innovation in the Arts at the Juilliard School. As a creative artist, Bilous has composed music for film, tv, dance and theater. He has also created and directed many interdisciplinary and multimedia works.

Ed has focused on the development of curriculum that integrates the arts into modern STEM programming, giving rise to STEAM.  He is a world leader on integrating technology into arts creation and audience appreciation of complex works of art.  Ed is brilliant, original and altogether down to earth. Our conversation with passed far too quickly!

Please keep your eye on this space as we will be linking to additional podcasts.  For now, please join Chris and I for a wonderful conversation with Professor Bilous.

– Jules Coleman, Director of Research
Whittle School & Studios


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