Storytelling in the COVID-19 Era


Over the past six weeks, Upper School students in the Storytelling in the COVID-19 Era course have explored how COVID-19 has changed their lives. Facilitated by interactions with veteran ABC journalist, Ms. Gloria Riviera and Dr. Selvakumar, students have engaged in finding, developing and editing their stories through multiple iterations of print and audio recordings, including thinking about storytelling in terms of small or big moments, the role of sound and tone in narration, and the importance of interviews and reflection. 

On June 4th, the students presented their products to a special guest reviewer Jim Sciutto, Anchor and Chief National Security Correspondent for CNN, who provided invaluable and constructive feedback on the students’ projects. 

Click the links below to explore, read, and listen to the students’ work below! 


  • Calla O' Neil 
    Podcast and Article: Calla's Keys to Quarantine 

  • Douglas Boateng 
    Podcast: The Emptiness of Hope 

  • Ella Song 
    Podcast: Climbing and Quarantine 

  • Valerie Yang 
    Article: American Air 

  • Sophia-Nicole Bay 
    Article: Roma Racism: Breaking the Habits that Reproduce Racist Suppression 

  • Isabel Grey 
    Podcast: The Call For Outdoor Education 

  • Hudson Purdy 
    Podcast: Uncertainty in the time of COVID-19 

  • Eli West 
    Podcast: Untitled