Meet Us at the Whittle School & Studios Information Center

Whittle Parents

It’s no secret that here at the Whittle School & Studios, we value the role that thoughtfully designed space plays in our daily lives and in children’s learning.

We warmly welcome families and visitors to our Parent Information Center (PIC), because it is crucial that we establish a nurturing environment to house our informational conversations while the construction of our actual Washington, D.C. campus is underway. Our PIC is conveniently located on the second level of the Mazza Gallerie along the Metro’s Red Line in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of northwest D.C.

Central to the welcoming environment at our nearly 10,000 square-foot PIC is the open, airy design that allows for maximum natural light exposure. From a bright playroom for preschool and lower school children to a room full of our favorite books for upper and middle school students to a kitchen for mingling among parents and staff, the multi-use space is as beneficial toward our educational goals as it is beautiful.

The core of our PIC, though, is the theater where we hold our information sessions and conversations with parents, neighbors, friends, peers, and staff. It is our hope that attendees of any information session walk away feeling like they joined us in an active, engaging conversation about global education and our mission at the Whittle School & Studios.

Between engaging with preschool and elementary children during play groups, sharing learnings with middle and upper school students, and reviewing admissions materials with parents, we hope that our PIC is a vibrant space filled with the energy of the global future we plan to create for our students.

In addition to several “Welcome to Whittle” events, we’ve already had the pleasure of hosting our D.C. Summer Adventure learning program for upper school students in our PIC. We look forward to welcoming many more members of the community into the space as we further transform our vision into a reality.

We truly believe that our PIC is the starting point of each and every family’s journey with the Whittle School & Studios. Our team doesn’t just include our extensive staff of educational professionals—it includes you, our friends and neighbors, as well.

We hope you’ll join us at our PIC for one of our upcoming parent information events. For information about how to begin the admissions process, head here.