A Peek Inside Our Whittle World: Early Learning Center Adventures

Whittle ELC Butterfly X Day

American Philosopher and education reformer John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

At Whittle School & Studios, we believe learning is most meaningful when it is experienced in different settings, environments, and contexts. We see the cities of our campuses as the best classroom and the best map for learning adventures!

Our Early Learning Center students have been exploring their campus, and the city that surrounds it, since the first week of school. This fall semester our youngest learners have…

Explored the natural sciences through studying the life cycle of a butterfly. Our young scientists kept caterpillar pets in their classrooms and observed the transformations of the caterpillars until they completed their life cycle. When it was time, students released the butterflies into the world!

ELC Butterfly
ELC Butterfly 2

Observed the performing arts in attending a performance of Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at Imagination Stage. After releasing butterflies to the wild, our scientists traded their magnifying glasses for playbills, observing their new understanding of the life cycle of a butterfly through the performing arts. Additionally, our Kindergartners performed their own Mandarin version of the play on campus, practicing their Chinese speaking skills! 

ELC Whittle Play

Celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival during a school-wide activity day! Because our Early Learning Center teaches 50% of the school day in Mandarin, is important that our youngest learners not only develop Chinese speaking skills, but also develop an understanding of Chinese culture. On this particular day, students painted lanterns, learned about traditional musical instruments, and made (and consumed!) moon cakes with celebrated local DC Chef Peter Chang. 


Practiced thinking like architects, designers and inventors through a makers-day at Kid Museum. We are committed to creating meaningful, hands-on learning experiences for our children so that can continue to ask, seek, and wonder about the world around them! 

ELC Kid Museum
ELC Kid Museum

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