Spanish Immersion Fall 2021

Spanish Immersion Fall 2021
Brooklyn Campus
Fun Learning Spanish

Whittle School & Studios is thrilled to announce the addition of Spanish in our immersive language program. Presented within the Reggio-inspired, project-driven framework of our Early Learning Program, we offer children the opportunity to learn 50% of the time in Spanish.

Our Spanish program focuses on joyful discovery and developing confidence while building cultural awareness. Starting in Pre-K, our Spanish program expands students' global experience, exposing them to both cultural practices and environments. 

We use a co-teaching model: one English and one target-language teacher (Chinese or Spanish). Target-language teachers are purposeful in their use of English, speaking in Spanish at least 95% of communication with learners. 

Whittle School & Studios believe that life demands a global perspective that exposes students to the world and provides them language and social skills to navigate multiple cultures. Now having two language options, Chinese and Spanish, our immersive language program truly epitomizes our core beliefs.

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*The ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) world-readiness standards guide our immersive language programs. 

*Families decide the language track after enrollment.