Whittle School & Studios Brooklyn: An Introduction

A Global School Grows in Brooklyn
A Welcome from Larry Weiss, Brooklyn Campus Executive Chairman
Tree Wheeler Building

Welcome to Whittle School & Studios Brooklyn, the third member of what will become a global learning community of 30+ new PreK-12th grade schools around the world that share a common curriculum and values structure.

As is true for Whittle School & Studios Washington, DC and Shenzhen, China, our students will:

  • begin developing comfort and fluency in Mandarin or English (as a second language) as Pre-School three-year-olds;
  • incorporate deep involvement with the arts, engagement with STEM, and an inclusive, multi-cultural approach to literacy and the development of their personal values in the humanities;
  • initiate in Pre-School the life-long development of their minds and bodies to promote wellness, fitness, and athletic skills.

Through the Studios prorgram, your children will have access to curated after-school and vacation-period enrichment and experiential programs.

More importantly, however, all students during the school year will share a curriculum that prioritizes structured and personalized opportunities for experiential learning about the issues, problems, and conflicts that so urgently impact local, national, and global communities.

Our program thus provides an ideal foundation for our graduates to enter the worlds of colleges, universites, and work well prepared to take advantage of the academic and professional programs that will shape and improve the global future.

I look forward with great pleasure and anticipation to meeting you and your children.

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Larry Weiss
Executive Chairman, Brooklyn Campus