Questions About Whittle School & Studios

Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding the application and admissions process. If you have any additional questions or would like further explanations to any of the answers, we highly encourage you to email our admissions team at mydcadmission@whittleschool.org. Our admissions team will be very excited to provide more assistance!

1. What is Whittle’s academic philosophy?

Whittle believes education is the transformative force to solve the world’s greatest challenges through human ingenuity, empathy, and collaboration across borders and disciplines. We focus on creating resilient, self-aware individuals; ethical, confident citizens; and rigorous, adventurous, self-reflective scholars who engage humanity while pursuing knowledge. Through deep skill and content mastery, interdisciplinary integration and project-based learning, and extensive practical experience and civic engagement, we create life-long learners who are able to contribute to both our local and global communities.

2. What is our residential life program?

Each campus has a residential life program available for international and domestic students. We teach healthy habits of mind and body in anticipation of college and “future life” and situate students among diverse communities on each of our campuses to make life-long friendships.

3. What are Studios?

Studios extend our curriculum beyond the school day and open it to the wider community. They are classes offered outside of traditional school hours that allow students to develop mastery while exploring their passions through engaging and challenging experiential learning. Studios are open to all students in the larger global community regardless of their status as a Whittle student.

4. What is the tuition?

The Whittle School & Studios experience is a holistic, experiential, and comprehensive program for children aged 3 to 18. Our objectives are ambitious, as families will invest substantially with us over 15 years to prepare their children for the future. Learn more about our tuition and fees.

5. What are Whittle policies on financial aid and scholarships?

Whittle School & Studios has a strong commitment to offer financial aid to families across a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that students learn best in an environment with peers from a variety of economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. We offer need-based financial assistance and award a select number of merit awards through our scholarship programs.

The School and Student Services (SSS) financial aid service will be used to process our financial aid applications.

Learn more about our financial assistance and merit scholarship programs. 

6. What does the admission process include?

We believe that anything and everything about a student is relevant; we call this principle “life as application.” Our application process models the educational experience on our campuses. Personalization, collaboration and frequent communication are core to how we assess students for admission. Start your application with Ravenna.

7. What is the Whittle Global Network?

Joining Whittle provides you with access to our global network of resources. We strive to help students see that their learning and relationships have a global impact. We focus on creating connections between students, faculty, and the campuses themselves to share knowledge and best practices. In the next decade, the Whittle Global Network plans on building schools in 30 major cities around the world with the first two campuses in Washington, DC and Shenzhen, China.

8. How does Whittle support learning differences?

The Whittle curriculum is anchored in deep personalization, mastery-based curricular pathways, and a robust online portal for students to track their own progress. With a strong Advisory system, learning support experts, and extensive Studios to supplement our core curriculum, our network can support a wide array of learners.

9. What distinguishes Whittle from other independent schools?

Whittle is the first school for the Innovation Age. We offer a truly global education: community members, campuses, and networks that will be in our upcoming locations in the world’s 30 most vibrant cities. We offer a carefully developed progressive curriculum rooted in interdisciplinary and experiential learning and an unequaled advising system to provide a personalized and rigorous education.

Located on modern campuses with architecture that inspires the making, sharing, and innovative learning in our classrooms, our internationally renowned leadership and supportive educators create a culture that values risk-taking, creativity and rigorous scholarship.

10. If I am not yet ready to apply, how may I stay informed about major announcements, upcoming events and other school developments?

By completing an inquiry form, we look forward to keeping you informed until you decide to apply for admission.