Our personalized, collaborative application process reflects our approach to education.

Here at Whittle, our admissions philosophy is that anything and everything about a student is relevant; we call this principle “life as application.” In addition to standard application components like grades and transcripts, we encourage students and their families to view the process as an opportunity to share their creativity and passions.

We are excited to support you through every step of applying to be a founding student here at Whittle. To begin to explore Whittle Schools & Studios:


Discovering Whittle

• Attend a Parent Information Event

Following your attendance at an information event, the application process will proceed in two stages.


Introducing Yourself

Submit Application Part 1 and the application fee

• Upload Academic Record - School Report Card or Transcript

We understand that at this stage your materials may be unofficial in nature. We encourage you to upload images of these materials now with official versions to follow in the future


Getting to Know Each Other

• Review Whittle School & Studios Information

Application Part 2, including an optional Share Your World activity

• A Conversation

• Assessment

• Teacher Recommendation(s)

Please find below a description of the application items. For further information and a more detailed description of the application process, please visit our Application Website, where you can access the Application Process and FAQs from the home page.

  • Application Part 1

    Introductory Information about student and parent(s)/guardian(s)

  • Upload Academic Record

    This could include a School Report Card or Transcript

    We understand that at this stage your materials may be unofficial in nature. We encourage you to upload images of these materials now with official versions to follow in the future

  • Application Part 2

    Supplemental Information including Student and Parent Written Responses (grade level specific) and Boarding Questionnaire (if applicable)

  • Share Your World

    Applicants have an opportunity to share with us something that helps us get to know you better, such as:

    - An image that is special to you

    - A short piece of multimedia

    - A sample of creative writing or graded academic writing

    - An Experiential Learning Activity

  • A Conversation

    Meeting applicant families is one of the most valuable and collaborative aspects of our admission process. We believe this experience is more valuable than a traditional interview. It is an opportunity for families to receive support from our team of admission counselors as we get to learn about one another and, most importantly, about your child's ideas, dreams, and talents. More details about the conversation can be found on our application website.

  • Teacher Recommendation(s)

    We will ask that you provide teacher references, who we will reach out to for recommendations.

  • Assessment

    Creating an ideal match between an applicant and Whittle School & Studios is an important part of the admission process. Grade level-appropriate assessments provide an applicant with the opportunity to reveal a readiness for the rigorous Whittle educational program. The required assessments for the 2019 – 2020 academic year for each grade level are listed below:

    - Preschool through Grade 1: GDO-R (Gesell Developmental Observation - Revised)

    - Grade 2 & Grade 3: Whittle Assessment

    - Grade 4: ISEE Primary 4 (Independent School Entrance Exam)

    - Grade 5 through Grade 10: ISEE or SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test)

  • Emily Reynolds
    Emily Reynolds
    Director of Admissions, D.C. Campus


    Emily Reynolds is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and Dartmouth College, and is a former high school All-American and collegiate swimmer. During her career in private school education, she has served as director of admissions at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s in New York City and more recently at Episcopal High School, a boarding school in Alexandria, Virginia. Before joining Whittle School & Studios, Emily lived with her family in Warsaw, Poland, and Vienna, Austria.

      • Admission Team Members
      • Matthew Drake
        Matthew Drake
        Associate Director of Admissions


        Matt has garnered 15+ years of experience in independent schools, including at the Fessenden School in Massachusetts, Greenwich Country Day, St. Anne's-Belfield, and most recently at the Episcopal High School. He is an alumnus of the Groton School and the University of Virginia.

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        Out of
        Admissions team members speak Chinese.
      •  Vincent Travaglione
        Vincent Travaglione
        Director of Enrollment


        Vincent, a native New Yorker, earned his B.A. from Villanova University and his M.S.Ed. in higher-education administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Vincent served for 13 years at La Jolla Country Day School as director of college guidance and director of admission, as well as the founding director of admission at the International School of Asia, Karuizawa, one of the United World Colleges campuses.

      • Harrison Hart
        Associate Director of Global Boarding


        Originally from Baltimore, Harrison attended Phillips Academy, Andover, and then graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in English. He has studied in Jordan as a Junior Fellow at King's Academy and volunteered in Mumbai, India.

      • Greyson Mann
        Admission Associate


        Greyson is a fifth-generation Washingtonian and attended Wofford College, where he received a Princeton in Asia Fellowship to teach at YK Pao School in Shanghai. He speaks fluent Mandarin and previously served as a presidential appointee in the Department of Education.

      • We are excited about
        of students!
      • Katarina Slobodova
        Admission Associate


        Katarina grew up in Slovakia and Germany, studied in the United States, and worked in China. In addition to her trilingual upbringing (Slovak, German, English), she has also learned Chinese. She has an M.A. in international education from Columbia University.