To the Journey Ahead
To the Journey Ahead


We are delighted to welcome you to Whittle School & Studios, Washington, DC. With many decades of combined experience in school leadership and teaching, we know how important school choice is to you, your child, and your family.

At the core of Whittle School & Studios is a commitment to transformation and inspiration of young minds and what “school” can be. Fundamental to the program at Whittle is a belief in the innate curiosity, goodness, and desire for purpose in children and students of all ages. We cultivate these qualities through a rich and dynamic program.

At the core of our beliefs is a commitment to global education with local roots. We believe in the cultivation of global experiences and perspectives, and facilitate this from the very beginning of a child’s learning journey: beginning with language immersion with our tiniest students and culminating in study abroad programs for our older students. Our emphasis on taking action in the local community is just as strong, and helps our students to develop empathy, compassion and real-world, problem-solving skills.

In Washington, DC, we are especially excited to be using one of the world’s most amazing and interesting cities as an extension of our campus. Our City Core program takes students into the city to dive into some of our planet’s most pressing problems. Our Center of Excellence on International Cooperation asks them to build not only group skills but also personal presentation skills, and fluency and competency with new media modalities.

Students and faculty at Whittle School & Studios have a lot to get excited about, but we never lose focus of our most important taskencouraging and nurturing the personal learning path of each individual student. In the words of our founder Chris Whittle, we are most excited to encourage each young person on the “unique adventure of their lives.” We invite you to explore our programs, ask questions and visit the campus.

Rebecca Upham and Dennis Bisgaard

Rebecca Upham, Executive Chairwoman, DC Campus
Dennis Bisgaard, Head of School, DC Campus