Admissions: Welcome

We are very excited that you and your family are interested in joining our educational journey here at Whittle School & Studios. It is our vision to build a mission-aligned community, in the world’s most energized cities around the globe.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with and alongside the world’s leading educational institutions. A consistent stream of questions has emerged over the years:

• When and how can we evolve our organizations to reflect demographic diversity, and adapt to an ever-changing world?

• How do we open our doors and share our ideas with a population that has become increasingly mobile and technologically sophisticated?

Our story begins in answering these questions.



Whittle is launching at a critical time in education. Families are seeking a change in their child’s schooling. As the first truly global school, we are poised to transform education through an innovative program, research-based professional development, and a modern school designed for experiential learning and collaboration. Our curriculum blends local knowledge and experience, with a global network of educational professionals and highly engaged students.

In September 2019, we opened the doors of our first two flagship campuses on two continents — an initiative that is unprecedented in scope, size, and cultural significance. We intended to be multicultural from the beginning. We have much to learn about building and being a truly diverse organization — but no one else has ever tried to do what we are doing.

We brought together 900 students and their families, as our inaugural cohort of “founding families.” We assembled a faculty of nearly 200 professionals from around the world for a culturally integrated onboarding experience.



Our educators and staff work with passion to ensure that our children have the most exciting, meaningful, and impactful experience that we ideate and execute.  

Here’s to Whittle School & Studios, and a modern education for a global purpose: to an ever-evolving future where our children thrive and make their unique contributions.

We invite you to explore our programs, ask questions, and visit one of our campuses!

With warmest regards,

Li Jing | 李婧
Global Head of Enrollment