Our ancillary education offerings are called Studios. Studios are how we allow students to grow their passions, deepen areas of expertise and interest, experiment with a new area, and develop personalized portfolio projects. Studios enable educational exploration along multiple Humanities and Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) pathways in an interdisciplinary and creative approach to learning about the world

Studios allow us to develop and test innovative teaching and learning approaches that may ultimately become part of our full-time program.

Our Studios are designed to cultivate student agency, creative problem solving, and cutting-edge use of education technology. Guided work in Studios’ pathways steadily nurtures the kind of emotional intelligence required for positive teamwork and global leadership. Student progress is fueled by curiosity and the depth and breadth of their interests. Studios extend the Whittle education beyond the school day and are open to the greater community, including adults.

Children and adults will have the opportunity to engage in pathways that are aligned with our core educational programming, from Robotics Maker Labs to Global Storytelling to Food Science and Nutrition classes. Each Studios’ pathway will culminate in a project-based portfolio that students will digitally archive. Our advisors will ensure that students are exploring their full potential through a learning trajectory curated specifically for them.

Studios will launch at our campuses in Shenzhen, China, and Washington D.C., United States in Fall 2019.

Studios’ pathways take place before and after the traditional school day, during the school day, evenings, weekends, and holidays in several key content areas.

Delivered to different ages and targeting different developmental levels, the content areas are:

  • Health, Wellness, & Fitness (may include topics such as Global Cooking, Food Science, and Nutrition; Rock Climbing; Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness)
  • Humanities (may include topics such as Global Storytelling, City Adventures, and Model Diplomacy)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) (may include topics such as Maker Space and Robotics and Young Scientists Club)
  • Arts (may include topics such as Global Arts Exploration, etc.)
  • Advisory (may include topics such as Exploration, Boarding School, and College Admissions)

Please visit our Studios’ career page in February 2019, when we will launch our recruitment process for Studios’ Instructors/Educators and Assistant Instructors/Educators for our Washington, D.C. and Shenzhen, China campus locations.

We review candidates based on four program areas:

  1. Core Curriculum: Our Interdisciplinary and Experiential Approach;
  2. Global Perspectives: Mastering Tools to Tackle the World’s Challenges;
  3. Personalized Pathways: Student-Led Learning Guided by Caring Advisors; and
  4. Beyond the Core: Explore Passions and Discover Interests.

We invite you to View Our Open Studios’ Positions. Before beginning your application, please note that all Studios’ applications will require:

  • Your resume in English (and Chinese if applying for a China site);
  • A cover letter in English (and Chinese if applying for a China site) indicating your fit with the Whittle philosophy, your fit with the Studios’ approach, and your interest in working at our Studios’ sites.

*All applicants must meet the immigration requirements to lawfully work and reside in the country where the position is located. We do not sponsor immigration to the United States.